Happy Birthday Madhuri Dixit! | May 15, 1967

"Madhuri Dixit is the most solid man I´ve met in the industry.Yeah, you heard right. She´s truly like a man. She´s the most solid thinker, solid emotionally, solid believer. And someone who loves her parents immensely. And of course, her talent is unquestionable. She´s the complete Indian film heroine. She´d always help me with my dancing. I´d always dance a step behind her so I could follow her. Like in Koyla I would tell her just be half a step ahead of me, so it´ll be easy for me. And she´d oblige. I hope she comes back. I miss her. I miss seeing her more than I miss working with her. To me Madhuri is the epitome of acting, of love and friendship. She is closes to my heart. And from her I´ve learnt the most. She is the only one I feel I´m not as good as."  – Shahrukh Khan

"She was the most perfect face for the screen."  Amrita Rao

“Among actresses Madhuri Dixit is a goddess.”  Priyanka Chopra

"I completely admire her. It was an honour for me working with her. " – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

"One of my favorites…is the sensational and poised Madhuri Dixit! The very mention of her name gets your minds racing with her dance numbers and graceful performances, not to forget that high voltage smile! From her ‘Ek Do Teen’ to ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aaya’ jumpy numbers, I have tried to copy her every step and bend to duplicate that effortless polish of hers but like the world knows-Madhuri Dixit is the one and only in our film industry. The charm and beauty she exudes is inexplicable and even a thousand words wouldn’t do justice to her… She was and continues to be my idol and I don’t aspire to be her but she does inspire me to be that lovely, refined Indian woman she is…. I was lucky enough to bump into her once a long time ago at a clinic but very obviously it was a very limited, formal and courteous exchange of greetings. Yes, I did feel that rage of excitement and scream out loud on seeing my idol in front of me, in person, just centimeters distant from me!… There have been a few instances when during shoots or dance sequences and performances, I have been complimented to remind people of Madhuri Dixit. And that makes my day ."  Shweta Tiwari

"She is also an amazing dancer. I can’t think of any actress today managing to do what she did. I envy other heroes who got a chance to act with her. If Leonardo Da Vinci were alive today, he would have painted Madhuri instead of the Mona Lisa."  Akbar Khan

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